Algorithmic Trading Strategies


Right now, it seems everywhere we look, people are talking about algorithmic trading.

Whether its stocks, forex, or crypto, there’s an abundance of services or products surrounding the topic — many of them being trading funds or pre-configured trading bots. That being said here are a couple of problems with most of these services and products:

Control and Transparency — Many “algorithmic trading” services are merely funds, which promise to trade your money using their own automated strategy. These funds control your money, and often provide very little transparency with how they use. A number of these have been exposed as scams, or have provided negative returns.

Lack of customizability — This issue arises with single-strategy trading bots, which aren’t flexible in the way they operate. They often only perform well in specific market conditions (if at all!), and for this reason, can have a limited window of profitability.

CRIX Exchange is different.-

With our completely customizable algorithmic trading feature, you can build and run your own algorithmic strategies — all while retaining access to your funds.

Algorithmic Trading on CRIX-

The CRIX algorithmic trading feature is designed to empower you to implement your own automated strategies, without having to build a plug-in program from scratch. There are also a number of pre-made algorithms you can choose to use as-is, or build upon.


Build Or Customize Your Own Algorithm-

The best part about this feature is that you are not bound to a single strategy, like most out-of-the-box products - You may build and deploy as many different algorithms as you like. No experience with coding is required — just you, a CRIX account, and 5 to 10 minutes! The back-end editor is relatively simple, and color-coded to make it nice and easy.


Backtest It For Profitability-

Naturally, before putting any money at risk, you’ll want to find out if your algorithm has a good track record for profitability! For this reason, we’ve implemented a backtesting function, which you can access under the “Simulate Strategy” tab.

This function allows you to pick a period of former price action to test your algorithm on, and see how well it would’ve performed. The panel on the right of the screen will even show you where your algorithm would have performed a buy or a sell trade, using red and green spots:


Once you’re happy with your algorithm’s performance, simply deploy the strategy and sit back while it trades for you!

Full transparency — You Control Your Coins -

With CRIX’s algorithmic trading, you can see in real time exactly what your money is doing. You don’t have to lend it to anyone, and you don’t have to install and weird programs on your computer. Simply build a strategy, test it, then let it run!

To make it nice and easy, we’ve gone ahead and made a step-by-step walkthrough for building and deploying your first algorithm with CRIX. Check out this video made with the AlphaBot team covering how to get started!


###We look forward to seeing you on the Crix platform!