Welcome to Crix Exchange.

text You Spoke, We Listened.

For the past few months we have listened to the cryptocurrency trading community and created a trading platform that includes some of the most requested features.

We are excited to present to you Crix Exchange.

Let’s take a look at some of our innovative features in a little bit more detail!

Fiat Gateway

A significant proportion of current exchanges don’t provide a reliable way to deposit and withdraw fiat currency. This often results in having to deposit and trade against crypto-based stablecoins such as the controversial Tether (USDT), rather than real US dollars. Converting from USD or other fiat currencies often presents a tedious barrier to entering the cryptocurrency ecosystem — but it shouldn’t be that difficult.

CRIX features a simple fiat gateway system which will allow you to easily enter and exit the exchange, back into “real” money.


Customizable Automated Trading

If you’ve been involved in trading any sort of market for a while, you will have realized how popular automated strategies are becoming. Often, automated strategies and tools are sold as a service or pre-configured algorithm, and offer little transparency or customizability to the user.

Rather than sell a bot or strategy, we’ve noticed the widespread demand for configuring your own automated trading strategy. CRIX Exchange enables you to create your own strategy based on a variety of indicators.

We’ve even enabled a back-testing function to check its historical profitability. You can let these strategies run 24/7, letting your system trade for you while you sleep!

Not only can you run both self-built or pre-made strategies on live markets within the Crix Exchange, but you can also deploy them on your favourite cryptocurrency exchange in real time without even leaving the platform! How cool? Yeah we know, right!


Market Maker Rebates

By supplying liquidity to the order books, you’re contributing positively to the exchange and its users. So why do most exchanges make you pay fees when your limit-orders are filled? At the very least, market-making orders shouldn’t be charged a fee upon filling. We’re taking it an extra step further, and paying market makers for having their liquidity-providing orders filled! Maker fees on CRIX Exchange are -0.05%, meaning that you can make money purely by someone filling your order!


An Exchange You Can Trust

With any custodial trading platform, you want to know that your funds are in safe hands. This means having trustworthy exchange owners, and complete compliance with regulations and laws.

CRIX exchange is run by a fully registered company, Crix Limited, which operates under the laws of Malta. Crix Limited bears the company registration number C 88483, and has its registered office situated at Fort Business Centre, Level 2, Mriehel Bypass, Birkirkara BKR 3000, Malta.

We also work with reputable providers in the space to offer KYC, custody and liquidity solutions you won't find anywhere else.


More Features To Come

If the features above weren’t enough, there’s still more to come! The dedicated CRIX team are planning to roll-out margin trading features and will be listing various popular currencies in the near future. This will enable users to increase their leverage, as well bet against markets by short-selling assets.

This means you’ll be able to make money even as crypto assets decline in value — a feature which is extremely useful in bear markets!

We are very excited to be innovating the future of cryptocurrency algorithmic trading - We hope you'll join us on our journey!

The Crix Team